made this Beekeeper for the wonderful and important project by Petra Rau (Rau-Art): Kunst & Kuenstler gegen Bienensterben • Art & Artists for Bees.
There will be an special exhibition to support the bees from 8/ 28-05-2014 in Faszination Art Galerie in Hamburg, Germany.

the gardener

little tribute to the growing avocado tree in my studio.


Kunstkies NMT project voor Fred en Guus

20 maart staan er door het hele land grote Kunst Kiezen voor het NMT. Dit is mijn bijdrage voor dit gave tandheelkunde project van Fred En Guus!

I painted this very big tooth for a dental art project, really fun to work on this giant tooth!


Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender

Vandaag is het mijn beurt in de: Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014. Today it's my turn in the big Rotterdam Art Calendar 2014, every day has it's own artist. I'm very happy to be part of this wonderful art project.


in the newspaper!

Article in de Gooi en Eemlander, about my exhibithion at Galerie Josephine.
(Red cheeks of joy over here, as you can imagine!)
pictures of the wonderfull opening can be seen here: Facebook

Galerie Josephine ligt in het prachtige Naarden vesting. Kloosterstraat 16. Open: vrijdag,zaterdag en zondag 14:00-18:00 of op afspraak.

la présence


Solo Exhibition

Avian, 120x80 cm, new painting.

Tomorrow is the opening of my solo exhibition in Galerie Josephine in Naarden Vesting.
02-02-2014 / 01-04-2014.

I made a lot new works, so exhited about it!


Very Good 2014!

Wish you a very good, loving, healthy and happy 2014! X Darja


new screen printed notebooks, made with love!

> they are for sale, please contact me if you are interested.